Febrero, 2020

Vie07Feb10:00 amVie11:15 amART SCULPTURES OF UPVVisit. 4th Secondary' studentsPolytechnic University of Valencia Participantes: Students 4th Secondary


Students 4th Secondary



The Sculpture Campus was created in the ending 80’s, when the rector Justo Nieto decided to create this open air museum. Since then, it has become an area of unique art that combines art and modernity with the artistic sensibility. According to David Pérez (Contemporary Art professor and current director of the Department of Cultural Management UPV) “is one of the best collections of open air sculptures that you can see in Spain.”

Campus Sculpture Works are in constant dialogue with its surroundings. Each piece holds a story, from the oldest (Nestor Sunbilla Basterrexea) to the latest (Joan Llaveria Mindstorms). We can see art pieces from artists like Alberto Sánchez, Jorge Oteiza, Pablo Serrano or Miquel Navarro.

This route will act as a starting point of the topic that students will learn in the second term, which will be art in the XX century. During the visit they will discuss about the works and its meanings, creating the first layer of what it will be a deep study of the analysis of art pieces.


(Viernes) 10:00 am - 11:15 am


Polytechnic University of Valencia